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Good Friends and Fez's Podcast
A couple of good friends having a laugh...and Fez!
Category: Comedy
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April 12, 2020 07:37 PM PDT

This self isolation has given the GFAF crew the time to reunite and bring the first episode in 6 years!

[0:43] General Chitchat
[7:38] Easter Egg Hunt
[9:42] Life Sentence
[24:56] Leroy's Loopy News
[36:44] Tell Me About Yourself
[50:10] Cheeeeeeeeeeese!

September 02, 2014 04:50 AM PDT

This week the GFAF lads construct segments around 3 random words tweeted in by listeners.

[0:37] "General Chitchat" - Pizza unions, the ALS ice bucket challenge, and Taylor Swift's latest video are chatted about this week.
[14:46] "You're up early!" - Erection stories.
[27:55] "Superfluous, hyperbole, cat" - Over the top, halftime celebrations of major sporting events, involving animals.
[40:35] "Cucumber, boat, wire" - Adaptation of the classic f*ck, marry, kill hypothetical.

July 24, 2014 02:38 AM PDT

[0:32] "General Chitchat" - Should you always buy a carton or are 6-packs ever acceptable? Is the fine for growing weed, or talking on your phone in the car, higher? These questions and more are answered as the lads chitchat.
[13:31] "Improvisational Comedy" - The guys act out a set scenario of a party and the aftermath where some interesting events take place...
[28;23] "Coun-tours' - A tour is given of a hypothetical Australian themed park.
[41:09] "Ouch, that's gotta hurt!" - Each member of the pod retells an injury they have witnessed and what safety measures they would introduce to mitigate these risks.

July 01, 2014 04:08 AM PDT

[1:29] "General Chitchat" - Suarez's bite in the World Cup takes up a fair bit of the attention in this segment, the lads then turn their attention to the rules of who can and can't play in the World Cup.
[9:33] "Ohhh sexy date me!" - Each member of the GFAF crew comes up with a new one stop shop to go to meet someone that suits your needs.
[24:26] "Good Friends and Fez, Top 10s!" - The top 10 list this week, is the top 10 travel tips.
[33:34] "Interviews with no desire" - The train really started to come off the rails about here, this is a hypothetical group interview to be Fez's table tennis partner...sorry guys.
[39:44] "When God gives you lemons, make Fish eat as many as he can" - Fish eats lemons while the others watch/commentate...yep.
[43:55] "Meditation by Shaman Qurban" - Shaman Qurban lulls each member of the pod into a meditated state and explores their minds.

If you got all the way through this episode you are a true GFAFer...thank you

June 15, 2014 09:18 PM PDT

[0:51] "General Chitchat" - Qurbs discusses a fight that broke out at the footy, while Stephen recalls how vulnerable he becomes when sleep deprived.
[11:40] "Poppin' dem thangs in dem popular thangs" - This segment involves giving each of the GFAF lads the chance to pop a verbal cap in the ass of something that is overly popular, and has no right to be.
[25:22] "Would you raaaather?!" - Classic "would you rather" hypothetical segment, these get a bit messed up.
[33:20] "Leroy's Loopy News" - The news this pod includes an elderly lady doing a horrendous act at a buffet restaurant, and a girl uncovering horrific pictures of her boyfriend while looking through his phone.
[41:37] "Mass-debate" - Team mass-debating for this one, the debates are; the merits of child immunisation, and was 9-11 a hoax?
[53:10] "My-my-my-my-Memento!" - This one is a bit of an odd segment. Each of the GFAF crew need to come up with a title and story line for another member of the pod's bio flick, and pick who would play the starring role from the other GFAF crew members....just listen, you'll get it.

Let us know your feedback on the new intro!

June 04, 2014 06:58 AM PDT

[0:47] "General Chitchat" - Lexus' flower arrangment, being riddled with STDs, awkward moments, Matt 'The Trough' Fish, cross-dressing moments and is it rapeing or rapping?
[11:28] "Top 10 Good Friends and Fez Modern Day Guide to Parties in the Modern World" - The lads pitch in and create a top ten list of how to have a successful night out the gfaf way.
[34:11] "Sprang Some Slang" - Fish, Lex and Fez come up with their own slang words for random words.
[39:55] "Cover Ups" - Each member tells of a story when they've had to cover up an incident from someone else.
[[49:00]] "outro"

May 24, 2014 12:18 AM PDT

[0:32] "General Chitchat" - Crowds at the footy, Fez failing at organising a steak eating event, and Tyson winning LA Lakers fan competition are discussed.
[21:21] "Ahhhhhh Reality Monsters" - With the growing theme of reality shows based around chores (cooking, renovation, etc.), the lads pitch ideas about chores that haven't been tapped into yet.
[33:57] "Situation Nowhere" - Tyson and Stephen help come up with different ways that Lexus can get out of awkward situations he keeps getting himself into.
[49:11] "Pre-DICCCK-tions" - nothing to do with dicks, but it does involve with predicting. Each member of the pod tells a story halfway, and then another member predicts how it ends.

May 07, 2014 02:33 AM PDT

We have been away for a while, but we're baaaaaaaaaaack! (well most of us, which unfortunately includes Fez).

[0:40] "General Chitchat" - The lads discuss Stephen's trip to Wrestlemania, Qurbs' boys trip to Melbourne, Fez getting rear ended....oh and Leroy went to a local farmers market.
[11:46] "Weirddings" - Weird wedding rituals from around the world, learn a thing or two about how different cultures around the world celebrate the big day.
[20:21] "Recyca-ding-ding-ding all the way to the bank!" In line with SA's policy of receiving 10c for recycling a can, the GFAF crew come up with what else in society should come with a 10c gain.
[39:34] "Leroy's Loopy News" - Leroy reports in as always with the weird and wonderful going-ons from around the world.
[50:39] "Chunky Challenge" - Fez lays down the challenge to eat a 2kg steak, punishments if he fails are discussed.

Oh and don't miss our questions to YOU at the end of the podcast! Send us your answers and get featured on episode 32.

March 21, 2014 09:41 PM PDT

Our competition winner, Mark, runs this episode! While it was originally going to be a 1 on 1 with Fez, in order to save Mark's sanity, Stephen and Leigh also sit in on this episode.

Yes the audio quality isn't up to the usual standard, but it is our first time doing it like this....and as always, blame it on Fez!

February 11, 2014 02:55 AM PST

[0:36] "General Chitchat" - Fez is back and moaning more than usual, but over his moans the other lads discuss George Zimmerman's celebrity boxing match, Facebook movies/flipagram, and holiday slideshows.
[12:48] "DMXperience" - Scenarios are acted out based on popular DMX songs, that involve DMX in everyday situations.
[22:24} "Ohhhh that's a bit shiiiity, Sochiiiiiiii!" - The guys set up travel agencies that try to sell less popular tourist destinations as the perfect place to hold a massive sporting event.
[39:41] "Movie Mixups" - The guys rework the story of popular movies with a random object that shifts the focus of the movie.
[54:02] "Keep Rollin', rollin', rollin'...play" - Fez's segment as you can probably tell from the title. The guys cut a wrestling promo with characters assigned to them from other members of the pod.
[1:00:58] "Twitter questions" - The dangers of living in Australia and kicking Fez off the pod are the main focus of the questions this week.
Also the winning listener and focus of episode 30 is announced!

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