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Good Friends and Fez's Podcast
A couple of good friends having a laugh...and Fez!
Category: Comedy
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January 21, 2014 03:30 AM PST

The GFAF crew throw some shrimps on the barbie and put on an Akubra as they celebrate Australia Day on this episode.

[0:28] "General Chitchat" - The heat wave is discussed, which made Adelaide the hottest city in the world (yep, exciting weather chat), as well as Tyson's recent experience with a film crew following him around, and Australia Day!
[10:02] "Theme bomb" - The lads try to recall old theme songs of the cartoons they used to watch on Australia Day during their childhood.
[17:31] "Didgeridoos and Didgeridon'ts" - The "do and don't"s are discussed for popular Australian pastimes.
[32:31" "Australia Day, but not really Australia Day, because it is in another country..." (worst title of a segment to date)- The GFAF crew discuss what other countries may celebrate on their national day.

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January 02, 2014 12:21 AM PST

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In an attempt to promote equality, as opposed to the usual penis related jokes, this week the segments have all be named with some reference to the female reproductive system.

[0:31] "General Chitchat" - New release movies are discussed (Hobbit, Anchorman 2), as well as etiquette that should be followed when quoting movies. The hell that is Christmas shopping is also touched on.
[8:30] "C*#tdowns" - Every 10 minutes a countdown will commence, and a challenge/activity will be revealed that the hosts must complete. Some of these got out of hand...
[10:19] "2014 Pussaybilities" - The GFAF lads ponder what 2014 may bring.
[26:29] "Pappy New Smear!" - Common New Year resolutions are discussed, and why they are generally rubbish. A GFAF spin is put on each of these resolutions, to make them more achievable, and generally more fun.
[48:40] "ROLLER COASTER of LOVE...glove" - Given a title alone, each GFAF member describes a revolutionary sex toy (or roller coaster).
[1:00:52] "Twatter Questions" - Questions from listeners revolve around political correctness, music, and we announce our exciting competition!

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Also, be sure to check out NSFRadio!

December 18, 2013 03:50 AM PST

[0:28] "General Chitchat" - Fez is back this episode and it turns out he has been up to...not much. Luckily Leigh has been to Fiji and got up to some antics!
[5:32] "Stiff upper gift" - A role play segment where each host receives an awful Christmas gift, and have to try and act like they are happy to receive it. These tips will come in handy for the holiday season, when we all inevitably get at least one terrible gift.
[14:36] "Bullshit Blunders" - Stories are told where each host has had to bullshit out of giving money to charity (mmmmm right in the festive spirit).
[30:10] "Christmas Rapping" - Freestyle circle, XMAS STYLE!
[35:20] "Merry Political Correctness" - With the world becoming an increasingly PC place, and Christmas being a victim of this, the gang turn their attention to other holidays and PC them up.
[46:41] "Twitter Questions" - Questions about Eggnog, Christmas pudding, and finding out the truth about Santa.

December 01, 2013 03:25 AM PST

This episode is a pod of two halves, during the first half the guys tackle the segments sober, and the second after playing some drinking games in an extended intermission (safe to say there is more singing in second half!)

[0:29] "General Chitchat" - The lads apologise to the listeners for promising that Fez would be here this episode, after he has once again disappointed. The pressure of ordering tickets on ticketmaster also gets some discussion, and how this pressure is accepted on the internet but never would be in person.
[11:14] "The world would be better if..." - Hypothetical segment where given a subject the hosts have to explain what changes they would make to make the world a better place.
[24:49] "SHIT BLOKE!" - Stories are told where the GFAF hosts admit to being a shit bloke in the past, and yet they wouldn't change what they have done.

[36:24] "Take your pick" - Put in a hypothetical world where they are down on their luck with no money or looks to speak of, two options are given to try and progress their life.
[48:02] "Twitter questions" - The questions cover gaming memories with the family, picking up tips, and band T-shirts.

Keep the questions rolling in and be part of the show!

November 11, 2013 02:19 AM PST

[0:30] "General Chitchat" - Leigh tells a hilarious strange bedfellow story and Leroy gives a glimpse into his rock and roll lifestyle.
[7:33] "Experi-MENTAL" - Stephen proposes a few experiments out of left-field for the GFAF members to conduct between recording this and the next podcast.
[24:35] "Friendslist" - Lexus requests that everyone helps compile categories for different friendship circles.
[33:15] "Sensational Book-case?" - With no more than an abstract title, each member of the podcast describes a fictional book and why you should buy it!
[47:30] "Loopy News" - The classic GFAF segment is back, this week the main focus is giant animals.
[53:55] "Twitter Questions" - Listeners have tweeted questions in this week that range from topics of gamer stereotypes to what the best way to kill Fez would be.

October 29, 2013 12:48 AM PDT

[0:50] "General Chitchat" - A non-Halloween themed segment, where the guys catch up with some general chitchat and discuss Facebook etiquette as well as patterns in Facebook friends.
[9:04] "Ghost Busters" - Everyone tells a story about where they had a spooky or supernatural experience and then BUST IT! by explaining what probably actually happened.
[25:35] "Mass-Debate" - The pod crew is split in two as they debate whether or not Trick or Treating (and Halloween in general) should be banned in Australia.
[37:34] "Scary Tales and Nursery Crimes" - The abridged version of four classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes is told, each with a Halloween twist.
[49:07] "Repression Possessions" - The GFAF crew members each recall freaky moments, which have had a lasting impact on them.
[59:34] "Twitter Questions" - Listener questions this week cover; video game consoles, hypothetical voice acting gigs and celebrity dance shows.

October 05, 2013 10:33 PM PDT

[0:30] "General Chitchat" - The fellas discuss the recent Average Joelympics competition that they all participated in (aside from Fez), as well as if there is any part of Leroy's life that doesn't fall under some form of Asian stereotype.
[5:12] "GFAF Ineligible Bachelor of the Year" - A vote is undertaken to determine the least eligible bachelor of the podcast. After this, a competition similar to reality TV show, "The Bachelor" takes place, where potential dates give reasons why the bachelor should NOT take them on a date.
[14:18] "Peepee Stories" - The GFAF crew discuss the craziest places they have taken a leak.
[21:20] "MacGyver Marketing" - Everyone is giving two random household items that they need to combine and market.
[30:57] "Loopy News" - The news this week covers noses being grown on people's foreheads, and a cocktail offered in Canada with a severed toe as an ingredient.
[41:58] "Public Fails" - Times where people have failed in public, leading to embarrassment and shame.
[47:32] "Spoil Sport" - A new sport is created, inclusive of rules, field type, and animal involvement...
[53:30] "Twitter Follower Song" - Leigh serenades GFAF's twitter followers. Sorry for not answering twitter questions this episode, we will next episode! Be a part of the show by tweeting @GoodFriendsnFez

REMINDER: Average Joelympics now on Youtube!

September 22, 2013 04:44 AM PDT

A one-on-one special with the man himself, Fez. In this episode Fez attempts to redeem his general rubbish performance over the past 20 episodes.

Stephen and Fez discuss a variety of topics from GTA V to immigration policies, hypothesis what they would do if they were given 3 wishes (with a twist), recall stories of when they have been a bad friend in the past, and present a PSA by recalling awkward moment's at the doctor's office.

Oh, and don't forget to check out THE AVERAGE JOELYMPICS! (for videos go to facebook.com/goodfriendsandfez)

August 31, 2013 11:20 PM PDT

[1:47] "General Chitchat" - A bogged car, and GFAF crem member's first experiences with anime, amateur wrestling and metalcore are discussed as the lads catch up.
[15:54] "Podcast Politics" - Each GFAF member represent themselves with randomly assigned time limits to state why the show should not be "Good Friends and them" (and Fez to prove why he should no longer be at the bottom of the totem pole).
[22:09] "Circle of Vomit" - Vomit stories, perhaps don't listen while enjoying some goulash.
[34:49] "...save a dollar bill y'all" - Each member of the GFAF crew discuss a money saving tip (bonus tip; download this podcast, it is FREE).
[41:52] "Baby comeback, oooohhh, ooohhh" - The crew recall moments in their lives where they have had great comebacks.
[50:17] "Pathetic Athletic" - the worst sports, that don't deserve to be called a sport are outed.
[56:59] "Election Erection" - Policies that the respective GFAF members would introduce if they ever became prime minister.
[1:02:45] "Twitter Questions" - Listener questions are answered...the last one is really messed up...we apologise.

August 10, 2013 11:43 PM PDT

[0:53] "General Chitchat" - Leigh discusses his recent housewarming party and gets stuck into the rest of the GFAF crew for a poor showing. Korean BBQs are also discussed.
[7:40] "Leroy's Loopy News" The news this week covers; a woman who discovered maggots living in her ear, and a test tube hamburger with a "whopper" of a price tag.
[13:18] "Mr. Sandman" Each member of the GFAF gang's dreams have been channeled by the rest of the group who each wrote a line of the dream (without seeing what the others had written) to form the story of each member's dream. The meaning of these dreams is then interpreted.
[22:28] "Creative Creatures" The GFAF crew work together to create a new animal, by taking features of existing animals and forming a hybrid (sketch on facebook.com/goodfriendsandfez).
[31:30] "That's fact up!" Stephen hosts a quiz that revolves around the other GFAF members having to determine, which of the weird facts about a given topic are correct.
[39:27] "Twitter Questions" Listener questions are answered, and with no question off limit, cock was a strong theme.

Note: The interesting swapping discussed in episode 18 has been postponed as Fez was away this episode.

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